About Speechbubbles

Theatre Group

Speech Bubbles theatre group was established by Tom Godfrey in 1992. Its aim is to stimulate and motivate young learners of English through the use of drama. The group has performed at venues in Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Bursa, Adana and cities in Hungary.

Speech Bubbles originally consisted primarily of professional English and Drama teachers who wrote material especially designed for learners of English. The plays incorporated music, dance and mime in order to ensure that everyone could understand and enjoy the performances whatever their level of English.

Since then Speech Bubbles has grown into a large multicultural group of professional and amateur actors, singers and musicians. The group performs a musical production each year to raise money for charities that support children and education. Everyone in the group is unpaid, donating their time, services and expertise doing something they enjoy for the positive benefit of underprivileged children.

School of Performing Arts

Speech Bubbles runs a part-time school of Performing Arts for three hours on Saturday mornings (9.30 - 12.30) starting Saturday 26th October 2013.

Speech Bubbles School of Performing Arts is for people of all ages and abilities. Split into groups by age, students gain confidence, self-esteem and learn to express themselves creatively. All classes are run by professional teachers who are passionate about what they do. The aim is to prepare for two Speech Bubbles theatre performances locally as well as participate in National and International drama and theatre festivals.

The Speech Bubbles ethos is to enable everyone to grow gradually, and at their own speed, and to fulfill their personal potential. The curriculum is broad to enable students to experience a wide range of styles and skills. Each week there will be one hour of dancing, singing and acting. The dance class will improve coordination and technique and give the opportunity to learn popular dance routines and musical theathre ensembles pieces while keep fit! In drama, participants will explore their creativity through improvisation and role play, improving vocabulary, social awareness and communication skills. The singing class will introduce students to different rhythms and tempos in music allowing them to challenege themselves with a wide range of songs while improving technique and vocal ability.

Fun is an essential element and Speech Bubbles has learned one truth over many years: students achieve and flourish in a disciplined, trusting environment. Speech Bubbles set the highest standards for their shows.